Olivieri 1882 è tra i migliori Panifici d’Italia  anche per il 2022!

Olivieri 1882 is once again among the best bakeries in Italy!

Even for 2022 Gambero Rosso has awarded us 3 out of 3 PANI, the highest ranking for an italian bakery!

Panettone Estivo, Pronti per la novità 2021?

Olivieri 1882 Summer Panettone: Ready for 2021’s gamechanger?

Our Olivieri 1882 Summer Panettone, or “Panettone Estivo”, is a light and freshly baked cake packed with seasonal summer fruit: peach, apricot, pineapple, citron, strawberry and lemon. 

OLIVIERI 1882 è Great Taste Winner 2020!

OLIVIERI 1882 is Great Taste Winner 2020!

Olivieri 1882 is one of the winners of the Great Taste Awards 2020 - one of the most renowned food & beverage awards at international level.

Come servire da chef la colomba artigianale

How to serve Colomba as a chef

Today we want to share with you a recipe that you can use to serve the craft dove to the dish of your diners. It is a NAMELAKA white chocolate with exotic mango and passion fruit sauce.
Come servire il panettone da veri chef

How to serve Panettone by real chefs

We want to give you some ideas to impress your guests. Arm yourself with design plates and followed by the thread and sign the recipes of our Pastry Chef. You will make a great impression!
Miglior colomba artigianale d'Italia 2019 secondo Gambero Rosso

The Best artisanal Colomba cake of Italy in 2019 according to Gambero Rosso

The best artisanal Colomba of Italy in 2019 is ours! This was announced by Gambero Rosso, after the blind tasting of 20 doves crafts from across Italy.