Great news! Here are the 6 new Summer Panettone flavors - Olivieri 1882

Novità! Ecco i 6 nuovi gusti di Panettone Estivo – Olivieri 1882

Summer is coming and we can't do without Panettone!

After last year great success, we decided to introduce 6 new flavors and a fresher and lighter revisited dough! Our philosophy remains the same, embracing an entirely ARTISANAL production process that spans a little over 4 days. We exclusively use LIVE SOURDOUGHT YEAST and we produce a 100% NATURAL preservative-free dough, made without artificial aromas or semi-finished products. Our Summer Panettone recipe calls for fewer eggs than our Classic Panettone recipe to make it slightly lighter for warmer weather.

6 new flavors, try them all!

Our Summer Fruit Panettone is enriched by soft peaches candied by hand, soft juicy apricot from Emilia Romagna, wild strawberries, lemon from Sorrento, pineapple in crunchy fresh and tasty pieces and Diamante citrus from Calabria. An explosion of fresh fruit full of flavor!


Try this new flavor with the intense and aromatic taste of Mexican lime slowly candied that meets the pungent scents of peppermint.

Summer will have a completely different flavor thanks to this new Panettone that combines the tropical taste of pineapple in cruncy fresh pieces with scented rosemary notes!


Our Peach and Basil Summer Panettone is enriched by soft peaches candied by hand and fresh basil. Unmatched taste and aroma!

Our Maraschino Cherry Summer Panettone is enriched by Red Cherry ‘Imperiale’ variety, candied by hand with Maraschino Liquor.

Our Lemon and Lavander Summer Panettone is enriched by lemon from Sorrento and fresh scented lavender.


Enjoy the tasting!

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