About us

Olivieri 1882

For 140 years we have been creating emotions to taste, with a precise philosophy aimed at quality. We are a pastry shop and a contemporary bakery, but not only. Olivieri 1882 is now a brand recognized throughout Italy and abroad, present at retail, wholesale and online.

Our store in Arzignano is a reference point for artisan pastry and interior design in the sector. Our ecommerce allows us to deliver our products directly to our loyal customers all over the world and in the United States in just two days. Our dealer network then distributes our packaged products all over the world, from UK to Australia. We are a contemporary pastry shop, with roots in tradition and always looking towards the future.


Early years

Our history begins in 1882 when Luigi, an ancestor of the family, moved to Arzignano to open the first Olivieri oven.

Years pass, some children emigrate, others remain in Italy, keeping the business alive during the hard years of the Great War. In 1927 Bianco Olivieri was born, Oliviero's father, who after a first experience in the family shop, opened his own bakery and later managed to build a larger laboratory.

In the 1970s, his wife Miranda, meanwhile, began to produce the first baked desserts. This is how the "Ciambelle di nonna Miranda" were born, which began to be sold also by the grocery stores in the province.

In 1980, at the age of 52, the disappearance of Bianco Olivieri places his children in front of a difficult choice. Oliviero, together with his wife Patrizia, decides to take over the shop and the workshop where he was born and raised, on the condition that he can renovate it with state-of-the-art machinery maintaining a strong link with the history of the family: Nonna Miranda's Ciambelline remain the most famous product!

We arrive up to 2000, when Oliviero chooses to add the Caffatteria. It is a key moment in our history: Olivieri becomes the place to enter every morning, discovering artisan products and tasting excellent coffee.


After traveling abroad for a long time and having gained great experience, in 2006 Nicola Olivieri (eldest son of Oliviero and Patrizia) decided to follow in his father's footsteps and joined the company.

A few years passed and in 2009 the new Olivieri 1882 brand was born, which brings with it over 120 years of experience of the Olivieri family. The craft business is growing more and more, the products are enjoying great success and the store often receives awards and recommendations from local and national guides.

The next step is in 2015, with the creation of the new Store in Arzignano, a space of 1,200 square meters (two thirds of which is a laboratory) with the support of the brother Andrea Olivieri with his wife Francesca and Michela, Nicola's wife.

The following years brought Olivieri 1882 to national fame for its products: awarded by Gambero Rosso among the best breakfasts in Italy, while the great leavened products (Panettone, Pandoro and Colomba) reach the top of the rankings, culminating in 2019 with the Best Colomba d'Italia, in 2020 with the Two Cakes on the Pastry and Tre Pani Guide, maximum recognition for the Gambero Rosso Guide to Bread and Bakers of Italy until reaching the international award at the Great Taste Awards in 2020.