"Export promotion projects aimed at companies and their aggregated forms identified on a territorial or sectoral basis”

Customized export promotion project developed by the Artistic Craftsmanship Business Aggregations


The main purpose of the project was to conduct a business analysis to assess the ability to penetrate new foreign markets, with the intention of establishing relationships with other companies, institutions, and consumers operating in those territories.

The non-repayable contribution of €27,958.34 was used to carry out a thorough market and demand analysis, analyzing characteristics, potential, consumer preferences, and consequently analyzing the products, services, and price ranges offered by our competitors in order to establish a strategy and consequently draft a business plan to implement it.

The company received support from consultants to study the impact on access to foreign markets with competitive, clear, and comprehensive price lists. It developed marketing skills by presenting the company through web and social channels. The expenses incurred for specialized consultancy favored a company reorganization in terms of processes, ensuring a consistent product quality over time. It also allowed for a study on the creation of effective promotion and sales channels, aimed at promoting penetration and consolidation of presence in specific foreign markets of interest, developing an excellent commercial positioning for the company.

Objectives: increase revenues and open new commercial outlets

The internationalization process, articulated in several phases, also involved the "Temporary Export Manager" (TEM), to coordinate the company in the study and analysis of markets and demand, the strengthening of the product range, and the optimization of the positioning of the company's products on marketplaces and e-commerce.

Results: The project successfully achieved the goal of implementing actions to activate foreign counterparts and create a new company in the USA in which 1882 srl has control with 51% of the share capital. The company is named Audax 1882 LLC.