The Best artisanal Colomba cake of Italy in 2019 according to Gambero Rosso

The Best artisanal Colomba cake of Italy in 2019 according to Gambero Rosso

The best of Italy Colomba Artisan 2019 is ours!

This was announced by Gambero Rosso, after the blind tasting of 20 Colomba cakes crafted across Italy and made by the greatest masters of leavened products.

There is an enormous pride in receiving the most coveted awards for our product, which is described as follows:

“A beauty queen among doves: slender, composed, with detached wings, therefore worked in two different mixtures. In short, a dove that stands out, with a well-expressed leavening, the clear crunchy glaze with peeled almonds and large-sized sugars. The dough is of an intense yellow, expresses a vital leavening with some swirling tears in the alveolation, correct in cooking. On the nose there is a good scent of good butter, flour, well-managed yeast, vanilla and good pastry. Very characteristic, gentle and reassuring aromas. The texture is silky and soft, with a beautiful chewability. You do not see the candied fruit but you can perceive the citrus note. The taste is balanced and full, and the excellent raw material is identified. An elegant, welcoming, fresh and, we repeat, very balanced Colomba. In the panel's votes, the Olivieri 1882 Colomba cake is by far the best this year.

It is with great satisfaction that we continue our determined race towards excellence, continuing with a careful search for quality in raw materials and processing.

We sincerely thank all those who have supported us so far, wishing us many more moments like this.

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