Olivieri 1882 is once again among the best bakeries in Italy!

Olivieri 1882 is once again among the best bakeries in Italy!

Back in 1882 our history began with bread, a central protagonist in our family tradition. 140 years later, we continue to devote great attention to it. 

The prestigious culinary association Gambero Rosso releases a guide book annually that ranks and details the very best bakeries in all of Italy. There are several factors that lead to their selections, including grain choice and yeast research, but what really makes the difference is what story the bread has to tell. 

For Olivieri 1882 bread holds great significance. It is rooted in something deeper than tradition; it is an engine that has always guided us and motivated us to improve every day. For us bread is family

From the choice of flours, to the refinement of sourdough techniques, all the way to the late night bakery shifts, our family has always shown a great respect for bread. It’s what brings us together. 

Our Bread knows about all this, from its burnished crust to its aroma of Petra Wheat, up to its soft and airy crumb


Since its first edition, Gambero Rosso has awarded us 3 out of 3 PANI, the highest ranking, and its 2022 edition has proven to be no different. We are humbled by this important recognition that highlights our true passion for bread, cultivated over generations. 

Source: Gambero Rosso