Olivieri 1882 Summer Panettone: Ready for 2021’s gamechanger?

Olivieri 1882 Summer Panettone: Ready for 2021’s gamechanger?

A goal of ours has always been to create leavened sweets that can be enjoyed regardless of season and not just on holidays like Christmas and Easter. We want you to indulge in our products 365 days a year! 

Our Olivieri 1882 Summer Panettone, or “Panettone Estivo”, is a light and freshly baked cake packed with seasonal summer fruit: peach, apricot, pineapple, citron, strawberry and lemon. 

It’s perfect for breakfast paired with a chilled fruit juice, but this panettone’s natural habitat is on the beach or poolside, to be enjoyed after a refreshing dip. Or as the dessert at your summer barbecue. 

The Panettone Estivo is yellow in color, airy, and naturally delicious, our fun take on the traditional fruit salad. 

The dough has a fluffy cloud-like texture and is highly digestible thanks to the 4 days of working process of which 2 of them are dedicated to the fermentation of the dough with a natural technique, resulting in a light and balanced cake without compromises.

panettone estivo olivieri 1882