How to serve Colomba as a chef

How to serve Colomba as a chef

We have just passed Christmas, and we are already projected towards the Colomba cake! You read that right, Colomba! Time passes quickly and we will find ourselves with Easter almost upon us.

That's the reason why we want you ready to re-face family lunches, but as true chefs!

Today we want to share with you a recipe that you can use to serve the artisan colomba cake to the plate of your guests.

It is a white chocolate NAMELAKA with an exotic mango and passion fruit sauce. Let's begin!

How to serve the Namelaka artisanal Colomba of Olivieri

NAMELAKA ingredients:

  • 70 gr of fresh cream
  • 40 gr of Olivieri 35% white chocolate
  • 30 gr of whole milk
  • 17 gr of condensed milk
  • 2 gr of gelatin
  • ½ vanilla pod


  • Soften the gelatin in cold water
  • Meanwhile, bring the whole milk to the boil with the cream and sugar
  • Melt the white chocolate in the microwave
  • Combine the mixture of milk, cream and sugar with the melted white chocolate
  • Finally add the condensed milk and gelatin to the mixture previously obtained

Leave to rest in the fridge overnight. When used, whip as desired with a whisk.

For the exotic sauce the ingredients are:

  • 40 gr of mango pulp
  • 10 gr of passion fruit pulp
  • 10 gr of granulated sugar
  • 1 gr of gelatin

Topping process:

  • Rehydrate the gelatin
  • Pass the mango and passion fruit through a sieve to remove the seeds
  • Dissolve the gelatine in the fruit pulp and bring to a temperature of 80 ° C
  • Add the granulated sugar
  • Mix everything together

Once you have prepared your namelaka and the exotic sauce, you just have to cut the Colomba cake and decorate it as you like on the plate!