Among the best handmade Panettone and Colomba cakes of Italy. Find out more!

Among the best handmade Panettone and Colomba cakes of Italy

Handmade baked goods

Baked goods are the everyday sweets and they’re suitable for different occasions like breakfast and afternoon snack. They can be served as a perfect dessert. Our products are ideal both for those who want to start the day off right and for those who want to end a meal on a sweet note.

Our pastry chefs make these products following old recipes that Olivieri family has passed down from generation to generation.

Our products range includes: ciambelle, puff pastries, pan brioche and baked cakes.

Ciambella is the typical grandma biscuit, its recipe is historic, Grandma Miranda, third generation of the Olivieri family, conceived it in the 1970’s.
Puff pastries are the sweet snack par excellence: thousands of butter puff layers, one above the other, a peculiar fragrance and a delicious glaze with apricot jam.
Pan Brioche is ideal for breakfast. When we conceived it, we wanted to mix the simplicity of a soft sweet bread together with the refinement of our super-soft venetian brioche.
Baked cakes have been conceived to be sold as a single-portion pack. You can taste these products at home, but you can also take them with you, in order to enjoy an easy snack during the day.


We’ve been working by hand for over 130 years, following every process with patience and working each product with passion.
We make each product one by one, following production processes that our family have developed and evolved over many years.

100% artisanally made with passion since 1882, in keeping with tradition.


We are fond of raw materials and their related processing techniques. We search only for artisanal top-quality raw materials. We choose our suppliers according to their professionalism and their values, which must be aligned with ours.

We select an ingredient because we have known the person who produces it.

We only use first rate ingredients like Tahiti Bourbon vanilla beans, Italian wheat flours, raw cane sugar, Belgian centrifuged butter,Italian acacia honey and other peculiar ingredients like Valrhona chocolate, almonds and jams.

This mix of top quality raw materials and scrupulous processing methods lends to our products a unique texture, a delicious fragrance and a delicate flavour

The everyday sweets




First quality
raw materials

for breakfast




According to Gambero Rosso and Dissapore, one of the 2019 top handmade Panettone cakes of Italy.

According to Gambero Rosso, the BEST handmade Colomba cake of Italy in 2019.

According to Gambero Rosso, one of the 2018 top 45 breakfast experiences of Italy.

According to Gambero Rosso, one of the 2019 top handmade Pandoro cakes of Italy.

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