Puff pastries are the sweet snack par excellence: thousands of butter puff layers, one above the other, a peculiar fragrance and a deliciuos glaze with apricot jam. We use Belgian centrifuged butter both in the puff pastry’s dough and during the layering process. They’re glazed with a delicate apricot jam inside. Simple but first-rate ingredients lend them a mild but flavourful taste. 100% artisanally made, we knead the puff pastry following our traditional recipe, then we fold it over on itself many times and we let it rest between one fold and the other. This peculiar production process enables the puff pastry layering, which makes the puff pastries very crunchy.

Weight: 200gr


  • Preservation add

    Keep in a cold and dry place. Do not expose to the sun. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

  • Ingredients add

    Wheat flour*

    Egg white*
    Apricot jam
    Acidity regulator: Citric acid

    * Allergenic ingredients

  • Nutritional value add

    Energy 2199 kJ 525 kcal

    Fats 26.8 g
    of which saturated: 22.1 g
    Carbohydrates 64.50 g
    of which sugars: 33.90 g
    Fibers 1:00 g
    Proteins 6:50 g
    Salt 0.6 g

  • Service add

    Ideal paired with a cup of tea or coffee.