Pan Brioche is ideal for breakfast. When we conceived it, we wanted to mix the simplicity of a soft sweet bread together with the refinement of our super-soft venetian brioche. As a result of it, here is our Pan Brioche, with its rectangular shape. It’s ideal to be sliced and spread with our spreadable chocolate or with jams. Each pan brioche is worked by hand, from the refresh of the natural sourdough to the shaping, in order to ensure the highest quality. 100% natural fermentation and long maturation length are our mantra. The softness and high digestibility of our Pan Brioche are due to these production processes. We use Belgian centrifuged butter, Italian wheat flours and eggs laid by free range hens. This is the real artisanal breakfast, with no preservatives, semi-finished products, flavourings and vegetable fats.
Weight: 350gr


  • Preservation add

    Keep in a cold and dry place. Do not expose to the sun. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

  • Ingredients add

    Wheat flour*
    Eggs *
    Natural mother dough * (wheat flour *, water)

    * Allergenic ingredients

  • Nutritional value add

    Energy 1197 kJ 286 kcal

    Fat 6.6 g
    of which saturated 3.3 g
    Carbohydrates 46.1 g
    of which sugars: 5.8 g
    Fiber 1.2 g
    Protein 9.5 g
    Sale 0.849 g

  • Service add

    It is advisable to taste the best soft consistency of the brioche and enhance the balance of aromas and flavors, heat it in the oven at 150 ° for 2 minutes.