Classic Pandoro

Classic Pandoro

We’ve been rising masters since 1882.

“Pandoro 1882” is the Christmas cake par excellence. It’s a star-shaped cloud of butter, eggs, wheat flour and vanilla.

It has a refined and peculiar flavour. Its extremely soft texture  is due to the use of natural sourdough. Pandoro is a rich but highly digestible cake, thanks to the usage both of first quality raw materials and of long rising techniques. It’s completely free from preservatives, semi-finished products, flavourings and vegetable fats.

100% prepared by hand with passion since 1882, in keeping with tradition.

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Store in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid temperature leaps.

Soft Wheat Flour*
Cane Sugar
Natural sourdough
Lemon peel paste
Cocoa Butter
Whole milk powder*
Tahiti Bourbon vanilla
Tonka bean

*allergenic ingredients

Average for 100g of product

Energy 1661 kj / 396 kcal

Carbohydrates 48 gr
of which sugars 23 gr
Fats 19 gr
of which saturated12 gr
Fiber 0.9 gr
Protein7.9 gr
Sodium 0.65 gr