Bauletto with Gianduia

Bauletto with Gianduia

“Bauletto with Gianduia” is our every day leavened product. it’s suitable for different occasions like breakfast and afternoon snack. It’s also a perfect dessert. Ideal to be sliced and served with a spreadable cream. As for all our leavened products, Bauletto’s dough passes through a 48-hour double rising, for a total of four days of processing. It is made only with butter (no vegetable fats) and mother yeast, that we refresh every day, three times a day. “Bauletto with gianduia” is made with Langhe IGP hazelnut paste and cocoa. It’s enriched with 55% dark chocolate  pearls and it’s covered with a sugar and almond based glaze, so that you can perceive the light crunchiness of the glaze, followed by the incredible softness of the dough.

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Weight: 350 gr

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Store in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid temperature leaps.

Soft Wheat Flour*
Dark Chocolate Pearls 15% (Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter)
Raw Sugar
Mother Yeast

Pine Nuts*
Bourbon Vanilla Beans
*allergenic Ingredients

Energy 1599.84 kJ 388.91 kcal

Fats 21.56 g
of which saturated: 10.11 g
Carbohydrates 44.50 g
of which sugars: 25.43 g
Fibers 1.31 g
Proteins 6.95 g
Sodium 0.40 g

Put it in the woven at 150 degrees, in order to bring out its soft consistency and to enhance its aromatic balance.