Among the best handmade Panettone and Colomba cakes of Italy. Find out more!

Among the best handmade Panettone and Colomba cakes of Italy

The Third Best Handmade Chocolate Panettone Of Italy, According To Gambero Rosso

Yeah! Ladies and Gents, you did not misread: according to Gambero Rosso, our “Chocolate Panettone” is the third best handmade chocolate panettone of Italy.

You can read the beautiful review, of which  we’re proud, hereinafter:

Nice and well-proportioned, it’s not a high-rise panettone, but it’s a medium-high product. Chocolate-coloured on the outside, it’s finished with a tempting dome-shaped glaze and topped with small pieces of sugar. The dough is cappuccino-coloured with wide upwards-lengthened eyes, in which chocolate drops are trapped. Its irregular texture is due to the wild rising. Few but natural hints on the nose: you can perceive the acidity as well as hints of chocolate, baked flour, barley and paperboard. Very pleasant aromas, such as cocoa butter, on the palate. Its soft, masticable, melt-in-the-mouth texture tempts you to continue the tasting. Valrhona chocolate tastes good and doesn’t overwhelm the butter aroma. It’s a well balanced panettone that has brilliantly overcome the so-called “prova del filo”, an uncommon quality in chocolate Panettone cakes.


While, on the one hand, it’s an award for our pure obsession with quality, on the other hand, it encourages us to continue along this path.


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