Among the best handmade Panettone and Colomba cakes of Italy. Find out more!

Among the best handmade Panettone and Colomba cakes of Italy

How To Serve A Handmade Colomba Cake Like A Real Chef

The Christmas season has just passed and we’re already thinking about Colomba cakes. Yes, you did not misread, it’s already Colomba time! Time flies and Easter is just around the corner. We want you to be ready to face the so-called family lunches like real chefs.  

We want to share with you a recipe that you can use to serve a classic Colomba cake to your guests.

It’s a white chocolate-based Namelaka with a mango and passion fruit sauce. Let’s start!

Come servire la colomba artigianale Olivieri Namelaka

Namelaka ingredients:

  • 70g fresh cream
  • 40g 35% Olivieri white chocolate
  • 30g whole milk
  • 17g evaporated milk
  • 2g jelly
  • ½ vanilla bean


  • Soften the jelly by soaking it in cold water.
  • Bring the milk to a boil with the fresh cream and the sugar.
  • Melt the white chocolate in the microwave.
  • Add the mixture of milk, fresh cream and sugar to the melted white chocolate
  • Lastly, add the evaporated milk and the jelly to the resulting mixture.

Let it rest in the refrigerator overnight. Before serving, whisk the Namelaka if desired.

Exotic sauce ingredients:


  • 40g mango pulp
  • 10g passion fruit pulp
  • 10g caster sugar
  • 1g jelly



Cake Topping

  • Rehydrate the jelly.
  • Pass the mango and the passion fruit through a sieve, in order to remove the seeds.
  • Melt the jelly into the fruit pulp and heat the mixture to 90 °C
  • Add the caster sugar and mix it well.

Once the Namelaka and the exotic sauce have been prepared, you’ll just have to slice the Colomba cake and decorate your dish as you please.  


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